What’s new on The English Quiz!

We’re working hard to further streamline your assessment process. Take a look below at the platform’s latest technical updates, improvements, features and integrations that have recently gone live.
improvement 15-Oct-2021

Updated interface

New look & feel, more intuitive interface and superior performance and data recognition.

improvement 08-Oct-2021

Add comments to candidate file

Ability to add comments or notes to candidate file for viewing by team members. πŸ’¬πŸ‘

improvement 06-Oct-2021

Candidate groups

Enhanced candidate management and organization by creating and assigning test groups

improvement 20-Sep-2021

Email test results directly from dashboard βœ‰οΈ

Test results can soon be emailed directly from dashboard

improvement 29-Aug-2021

Team management directly from dashboard

Manage team access and permissions directly from the dashboard

improvement 29-Jul-2021

The French Quiz

5-skill online French language assessment.

improvement 19-Jul-2021

Test link expiration dates ⏰

Expiration dates can be assigned to test links.

improvement 14-Jul-2021

Enhanced metrics

Optional improved performance metrics to further evaluate candidate levels.

improvement 04-Jul-2021

Toggle report results/language export πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Ability to toggle report results and language then export

improvement 01-Jul-2021

Zapier integration

Connect The English Quiz to your CRM, ATS or any app via Zapier.

improvement 29-Jun-2021

Enhanced test scheduling functionality πŸ“…

Improved test scheduling options.  Preschedule tests by simply selecting a date and time to send your invitations!

improvement 25-Jun-2021

Lever integration!!! πŸ”₯

Great news! Lever users can now seamlessly manage The English Quiz assessments directly from Lever. Assign and send tests plus view complete candidate results or download as a pdf from Lever profile.

integration 15-Mar-2021

Hubspot integration via Zapier πŸ‘

Oh yeah! Listen up Hubspot users! Seamlessly assign and send The English Quiz assessments to candidates and view test results directly in Hubspot via Zapier.

improvement 15-Feb-2021

Invite by shareable link πŸ”—

Another time saver! Via a shareable link, test-takers log on to the test platform by inputting their contact details and then take the test. Automatic results upload and notification upon test completion.

improvement 22-Jan-2021

Customer service writing plus chat assessment ✍

Attention all customer service recruiters! We now have the perfect test to evaluates candidates’ English expression via writing samples including customer emails and quick-response chat situations, excellent for evaluating customer service candidates.


improvement 05-Jan-2021

Platform-wide data security update

Updated data security standards throughout assessment platform.

improvement 18-Dec-2020

New English 360° Business Assessment πŸ‘

Now you can test for business-focused English proficiency with our new English 360° Business 5-skill proficiency certification.

improvement 01-Dec-2020

Improved mobile access

Updated accessibility on mobile devices.

improvement 12-Nov-2020

Travel speaking test

Evaluates candidates’ speaking skills with a travel-related focus.

improvement 23-Sep-2020

Candidate & test tagging

Easily identify added tests / test-takers by using tags (customer service candidates, Q1 campaign, etc...) for easy searching.

improvement 07-May-2020

Secure browser settings

Online proctoring now has enhanced browser security and added “off-page”pop-up warning.

improvement 20-Apr-2020

Bulk upload & invites πŸ“¨

Here's a great time saver! Simultaneously enter several candidates’ names and emails by uploading a CSV file, schedule in advance for group testing sessions.

improvement 18-Jan-2020

Custom certificate

Customize results displayed on test-taker's certificate